Creative Design Poster

Been awhile (like over a year), since I’ve made a post. Thought I was due to attempt another one.

So this one is about making a colorful poster. Like I have said before, change it to fit your own taste. It’s all about learning how to do different techniques and expand your own creativity.

First, before you get too far into this tutorial, you might want to download these:

splatter brushes from Bittbox

Angelic War font

Photoshop action set

Vintage Textures This one may take awhile to download. Or you can use this Texture that he provides as another option. Of course you can use your own as well.

In the beginning of the tutorial, during the adding a “glow” portion. He gives you the amount of hardness to use and a specific color. What he didn’t say, was what size of brush. So I took a couple of different stabs at it and settled on using a size 350px. I clicked the brush twice, instead of once, just to get the same rough idea of the glow effect.

It seems I got a bit splatter happy. I was liking the color choices so much so far that I didn’t stray from the tutorial until now (adding the first splatter brush). Seems I like to spice things up a bit or in this case splatter them..

When it comes to the action set, make sure you save before you continue. Just in case you can’t go back. Actually you probably should have saved about 2-3 times by then. At least I do, just in case something happens. Although it isn’t like you can’t go back in the history tab if need be.

During the process of the action set, it had flatten all my layers. Which at this point I am completely fine with. Apparently, I wasn’t paying that much attention to what was going on while going through the set. So keep that in mind. You can totally save the one copy, do the actions, save differently. Open the original one and input the flatten image as a new layer.

All in all I think it turned out fairly well. It took me roughly about four hours to do this. That also includes me getting up and doing a load of laundry and downloading files, googling a few different things I had forgotten and chatting here and there. So depending on your skill and depending on how fast you can switch windows. If doing only this, I can see maybe 1-1.5hours at most.

Anyhow here’s what I ended up with. Have fun and happy creating!


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